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Playground Safety Tiles (1 Metre x1 Metre)

Play Areas

     Our rubber safety tiles are ideally suited to play areas, where child safety is paramount. These rubber safety tiles are designed to cushion falls and give a non-slip play surface even when wet. Being porous rain water quickly drains away.
Tile thickness varies according to your requirements. Thicker, more impact absorbing tiles are placed in areas where higher apparatus such as climbing frames are in use. There is a 'Critical Fall Height'  chart to indicate the required tile thickness.

All Playground Tiles will measure over 1M² (1015mm x 1015mm)

Playground mat

     AVAILABLE IN   BLACK, RED & GREEN  / 30mm-40mm-50mm-60mm-70mm-80mm Thickness



     Our composite rubber safety tiles are manufactured from high grade environmentally friendly recycled rubber. The rubber is granulated, sieved and graded, which comprises 90% of the finished tile. The other 10% being polyurethane moisture curing pre-polymer.

     The moulding process and stringent quality control, ensures that all our safety tiles achieve a consistent dimension, thickness, mass, and most importantly, performance.



 A special feature of our safety tiles is the large hollow cone foot, and moulded base, which is designed to improve the critical fall height, and absorb much of the energy of a fall. This allows their use in a wide range of play area situations, and other leisure uses.

     Our safety tiles are manufactured to the highest standards, and come in a range thickness from 20mm to 90mm. This ensures that the surface meets the specified critical fall height, over any size area, and on all installations.  

Swimming Areas

     Our rubber safety tile surfacing is ideal as both a domestic and commercial swimming pool surround.
     The non-slip surface can be fitted level with hard surfacing areas such as patios or supplied with ramped edges to border surrounding areas.
     There are a variety of colour choices, as well as large selection of inlays that can be added to one or more of your mats.



Sporting Facilities

Our rubber flooring system is ideally suited to sporting facilities such as gymnasiums and weight rooms. This non-slip cushioned flooring reduces the risk of injury to the athletes.
     Equipment life is extended by preventing or reducing damage when apparatus is dropped or misused. The flooring also withstands the rigorous demands placed upon sports surfacing in these areas.




     There are two ways in which your rubber tile surfacing can be installed. Where a good level sub-base is already in place, tiles can be SURFACE MOUNTED. Using ramped tiles on the edges and corners to avoid a trip hazard and to ease accessibility to wheel chairs. Alternatively the tiles can be FLUSH MOUNTED to meet the level of the surrounding area.

Surface Mounted

Flush Mounted




  • Allow for finished levels to the same as existing ground levels where possible.

  • Overall area of groundwork to be flat and level.

  • Where the area of groundwork must be installed on an incline, the slope must not exceed 1:10.

  • To comply with the European Standard, the internal measurements of the surfacing must extend to a minimum of 1.50m beyond any extremity of the playground equipment.

  • Excavation to a minimum of 150mm plus the proposed overall depth of safety tiles.

  • PCC edging 900mm x 150mm (post formed) to be installed in straight lines and at an even plane, bedded and hauched with 100mm class E concrete. (Rounded edge to outside).

  • Lay minimum 75mm depth of compacted M.O.T. type one stone, to a finished level not exceeding plus or minus 8mm in any direction under a 3 metre straight edge.

  • The compacted stone level to finish below the top line of PCC edging to allow for the exact thickness of rubber safety tiles and 75mm of concrete over site.

    All safety tiles are guaranteed for five years against defects in either workmanship, or materials. When installed properly, they will provide a safe and virtually maintenance free surface. The tiles allow water to pass down through the surface and drain away, leaving a safe non-slip play area, requiring little more than the occasional sweep.

    Download Installation Guidelines


    1Mt x 1Mt

    Critical Fall Height  (Metre)


     Red or Green


    For Corner & Ramp edge tiles

    Max Mats Per Pallet

    20mm Thick 


    £24.96each + Vat

    £27.95each + Vat

    £28.34each + Vat



    30mm Thick 

    0.7 Mt

    £28.08 each + Vat

    £30.94each + Vat

    £31.98 each + Vat

    Add £4.00 per Ramped edge + vat


    40mm Thick 

    1.20 Mt

    £31.72each + Vat

    £35.10 each +Vat

    £36.92each +Vat

    Add £4.00 per Ramped edge + vat


    50mm Thick 

    1.60 Mt

    £32.24 each + Vat

    £35.88 each + Vat

    £38.09each + Vat

    Add £4.00 per Ramped edge + vat


    60mm Thick 

    1.70 Mt

    £37.57each + Vat

    £41.73 each + Vat

    £43.68each + Vat

    Add £4.00 per Ramped edge + vat


    70mm Thick 

    2.20 Mt

    £41.08each + Vat

    £45.63each + Vat

    £48.10each + Vat

    Add £4.00 per Ramped edge + vat


    80mm Thick 

    2.40 Mt

    £44.33each + Vat

    £49.01each + Vat

    £51.61 each + Vat

    Add £4.00 per Ramped edge + vat




    Tile adhesive £11.05per 310ml Cartridge (Bonds Approx 2.25 Tiles)

    Delivery charge £65.00 + Vat Per Pallet


For Further Information

Phone 02921 151 006


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